An X-ray is a painless and quick test that generates images of the compositions inside the body, particles like bones with higher atomic numbers will absorb the X-rays and make images on film and appear whiter than the black background.

Digital X-rays are like digital cameras which use X-rays but the difference is that they are not connected to a film but their sensors are connected to a computer. Accuracy and clear image are the basic Benefits of Digital Radiography.

Below are some Benefits of Digital Radiography

  • Reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more which provides a high quality of care to patients’ future health.
  • Realtime exposure to all the images helps to enlarge images or make them lighter or darker to enhance the ability to detect disease and its current stage.
  • No chemical persons are needed as in films, this also reduces the long processing time of conventional radiography and eliminates storage of hard-copy of radiographic images.
  • Quick image sharing as it only takes the time you send the mail this helps in collaborating better and faster between the diagnostic center and the patient’s doctor.
  • Easy to use than conventional X-rays and no more issue of losing old images as the records have been saved and can be easily found when needed in the future.

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It’s been a great time to go for digital X-rays rather than to go for conventional X-rays but there are not many diagnostic centers that provide digital X-ray services in Mumbai.

Also, the prices on the digital X-rays are a bit higher so it’s also difficult to find an affordable diagnostic center in Mumbai, in relation to the top manufacturers, allowing us to cut down the prices with respect to market prices on your behalf.