Primary care

How to Make a Disinfectant Against Covid-19

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 may survive for several days on some surfaces. Estimates of its life span vary, but the virus can clearly hang around long enough to make disinfecting frequently touched surfaces a priority. Normally, disinfectants, like Lysol and Clorox wipes, are available and would do the trick in cleaning …

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Blood Test

4 Important Things Before a Blood Test

Today Blood tests are the most common diagnostic procedure performed as part of a routine health checkup or to discover the presence of a virus or bacteria that is causing the patient distress. Blood tests are a little painful, and patients with undetected illnesses are under a lot of stress …

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Important Things to Know About Sonography Test

What is an Ultrasound Test? Sonography is known as a unique imaging test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images of different organs and structures inside your body. An alternative name of sonography is ultrasound. Sonography tests detect issues related to the heart, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, and …

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Benefits of Digital X Rays

An X-ray is a painless and quick test that generates images of the compositions inside the body, particles like bones with higher atomic numbers will absorb the X-rays and make images on film and appear whiter than the black background. Digital X-rays are like digital cameras which use X-rays but …

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Prescribing medication from a patient’s and physician

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