What is an Ultrasound Test?

Sonography is known as a unique imaging test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images of different organs and structures inside your body. An alternative name of sonography is ultrasound. Sonography tests detect issues related to the heart, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, and tissues, etc. this test won’t require any surgical interface.

Why does one need Sonography?

Being a reliable sonography centre in Mumbai, Our specialist provides modern and cost-effective Sonography services, if you are experiencing swelling, pain, or any other symptoms that asks for visual examination of your internal organs. Your doctor may suggest an ultrasound to observe the gallbladder, eyes, liver, urinary bladder, kidneys, thyroid, ovaries, spleen, pancreas, uterus, testicles, blood vessels, etc.

Most people are related to ultrasound tests for pregnancy. Scans help provide an expected mother with an introductory view of the developing fetus in her womb. Sonography tests also provide relevance in directing the functions of a surgeon during a certain medical procedure, for example, a biopsy. Contact the best diagnostic centre in Mumbai for hustle free services. 

Method of Sonography Execution

A technician, who performs sonography, also known as a sonographer, will firstly apply a special type of lubricating jelly on your skin. This helps to prevent friction so that the ultrasound transducer can move smoothly back and forth on your skin. The appearance of the transducer is similar to that of a microphone. Besides, the jelly transmits sound waves.

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