Best Sonography Centre in Mumbai

Wellness Diagnostics provides various Sonography tests. All kinds of Sonography tests are done by professionals and well-experienced technicians.

Wellness Diagnostics ensure fast service, reports within 24 hours, and no extra waiting time. Reports can be picked up from the lab or mailed to you within the expected time.

Book an Appointment at the best sonography Centre in Mumbai and talk with a medical health care expert for your Sonography test.

Overview of Sonography Centre in Mumbai

Sonography, which is also known as Ultrasound, is a medical procedure in which high-frequency sound waves are used to develop ultrasound images of structures within your body. Sonography is done for diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions.

During the ultrasound, live images are displayed in a computer device which helps the doctor/technician understand what is happening inside your body, Ultrasound is a safe procedure because low power sound waves are used. An ultrasound device is used which is placed on your body parts during the examination.

Why is Sonography done at Wellness Diagnostics?

Sonography is done for the medical expert to diagnose a disease or any other condition. It helps to guide the doctors through a medical procedure. Here are some reasons why Sonography is done:

  • To see the uterus and ovaries during pregnancy
  • To monitor the baby’s condition in the uterus.
  • To diagnose other diseases in the uterus area.
  • To look at the organs like Liver, kidney, gallbladder.
  • Evaluate blood flow through vessels
  • During procedures such as needle biopsies.
  • Examine the breasts for any lump.
  • To check thyroid gland.
  • To diagnose genital problems.
  • Bone sonography to detect Osteoporosis.
  • To diagnose heart conditions.

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